Equipped to face all your needs in the mechanical department we pride ourselves in the fact that we have the tools and the training to tackle even more complicated repairs abandoned in many garages such as engine rebuilds or gearbox overhauls.

Your more day to day needs such as vehicle maintenance and servicing, or replacing your clutch, shock absorbers or exhaust are no problem for our team.

All of your repairs are carried out with original quality parts and the highest quality labor on the market enabling us to guarantee our work and more importantly your satisfaction

Vehicle constructers have official times for the duration of repairs informing us for example that to change a radiator on a 2001 BMW525 should take 1.25hrs. These are the times applied for the labor in your invoice. This ensures that we stay competitive and that you get the right price at the end of the day.

Today most of the cars on the road have more computer power on board than it took to put Armstrong on the moon !

The age of “lets try this and see if it is better” is definitely over. To keep you moving we are equipped with some of the latest automotive diagnostics computers. Our arsenal includes the Bosch KTS multi mark base station and the mobile Utech Pro that allows us to monitor all the vehicle data while driving. High tech stuff but its all part of our day to day in trouble shooting

All the computer power in the world is not going to help you if you don’t have the knowledge to separate the ones from the zeroes so two of our team have just finished the Brevet Féderal, the highest level of automotive tech training in Switzerland.

In the 1970s your average car had about 7 meters of electric wires and perhaps 3 motors if you had the deluxe model with the power wipers, today we are close to 3 kilometers and up to 70 motors on a high end car.

To find which one has a bad connection or a short brings our trade close to an art form. With the right tools and technical training our team gladly accepts the challenge. So, be it a tricky repair or to install that sound system you’ve always wanted just give us a call.

Even the best of drivers are probably sooner or later going to have a crunch. Despite the best of our efforts we cannot avoid that, we can however make the repairs go as smoothly as possible and keep you on the road while they are done.

Our competent bodywork team is ready to tackle even worst case scenarios and leave you wondering if they ever happened. Well drilled in the local procedures we can keep the paperwork out of your hair when it comes to insurance cases too.

With a complete range of tires to choose from we are sure to find the tire that best suits you and your car. We work with Michelin or any other main brand of your choice.

We are equipped with the top of the line in tire mounting machines and electronic wheel balancing equipment to ensure you that smooth ride.

If you are short on space we can keep your winter or summer tires for you in storage to save you from having to move them around.


The legal limit for tires is 1.6 mm but 4mm is recommended for snow tires to ensure your safety.

To check if your tires are still useable you can simply check the side of your tire until you find a small TWI (tread wear indicator) or a small arrow then look on the tread to see if the detector band is flush with the surface of the tire, if so you need to change your tires.
Remember that although you are legal until 1.6mm your tire’s performances are considerably impaired long before that limit especially on wet roads. Drive safely.


In response to multiple requests from the expatriate community we have acquired a certain experience in the ins and outs of importing vehicles. Because of the complexity and the sheer variety of the processes depending on the origin of the vehicle, the most complicated of which being vehicles coming in from the United States, this remains a case by case service. If you would like us to help you handle this let us know and we will inform you of the appropriate steps to take.

We have Smart cars two seaters or an Alfa Romeo 147 for you if you need more than 2 places. The Smarts are semi-automatics and so are suitable for you even if you only drive an automatic.

We also have a 125cc scooter, very practical parking if you need to dash around town for things during the repairs.

To use one of the replacement vehicles you will need a valid drivers license category B for the Smart or category A1 (125cc) for the scooter

The cost of a replacement car for the day is 15 CHF or 10 CHF for the scooter. This just covers the expenses of insurance and maintenance and keeps it easily affordable for you. You are requested to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as when you received it.

In the unlikely case of an accident you will be asked to cover the damage up until a maximum of 500 CHF after which point the insurance will cover the rest.