We have Smart cars two seaters or an Alfa Romeo 147 for you if you need more than 2 places. The Smarts are semi-automatics and so are suitable for you even if you only drive an automatic.

We also have a 125cc scooter, very practical parking if you need to dash around town for things during the repairs.

To use one of the replacement vehicles you will need a valid drivers license category B for the Smart or category A1 (125cc) for the scooter

The cost of a replacement car for the day is 15 CHF or 10 CHF for the scooter. This just covers the expenses of insurance and maintenance and keeps it easily affordable for you. You are requested to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as when you received it.

In the unlikely case of an accident you will be asked to cover the damage up until a maximum of 500 CHF after which point the insurance will cover the rest.