With a complete range of tires to choose from we are sure to find the tire that best suits you and your car. We work with Michelin or any other main brand of your choice.

We are equipped with the top of the line in tire mounting machines and electronic wheel balancing equipment to ensure you that smooth ride.

If you are short on space we can keep your winter or summer tires for you in storage to save you from having to move them around.


The legal limit for tires is 1.6 mm but 4mm is recommended for snow tires to ensure your safety.

To check if your tires are still useable you can simply check the side of your tire until you find a small TWI (tread wear indicator) or a small arrow then look on the tread to see if the detector band is flush with the surface of the tire, if so you need to change your tires.
Remember that although you are legal until 1.6mm your tire’s performances are considerably impaired long before that limit especially on wet roads. Drive safely.