Can you service my car?

Yes we can service any vehicle from the Renault 5 to the Aston Martin Vanquish without jeopardizing your vehicle guarantee.

When should I put on my winter tires ?

Around the beginning of November, that will be in time for any early flurries and you will avoid the inevitable last minute rush and the delays that it entails when everybody wants their tires on at once.

What is the contrôle technique ?

It is the Swiss equivalent of the English MOT or the US vehicle worthiness test in which you present your vehicle for an official inspection which is valid for two years there after. You will be contacted by the Service des Automobiles a month or so in advance leaving you ample time to get your vehicle ready for what is quite a tough inspection. If the date given is unsuitable it can be reset for a maximum of 1 month later.

What is the Antipollution?

The antipollution is an official emissions test done to ensure that your vehicle complies with the regulations in vigor. This test which we can do (usually takes about ½ hr) needs to be done every two years for any diesel vehicle or for a petrol vehicle with catalysor (approx after 1986) If your car is not fitted with a catalysor it needs to be done every year. The expiration date is usually found on the green disc stuck to one of the windows of your car.

For us to do this test we must have the original antipollution document that should always be kept with the vehicle, if it has been lost please call us before passing so we can get you a new one in time.

What is our hourly labor rate ?

Our rate is CHF 155.00/hr, in the national average which stands at
CHF 145.00 and can sometimes reach up to CHF 180.00 in Geneva!