Having grown up in an environmentally aware family there is no question of putting aside those values today within the company.

Many people find a contradiction in my choice of trade and trying to be ecologically minded, on this point we will agree to disagree.

I believe that we can greatly limit the impact we have on our oh so fragile environment by making the right decisions in our trade or any other for that matter. Those decisions can be as simple as correctly applying the antipollution directives for emissions or ensuring that an engine is not leaking oil or fuel that would end up on the roads and then in the run off rain water. We can also decide which products or chemicals to use depending on their biodegradability and not just on the cost of purchase.

In the consumer world that the automobile has become today more and more parts are simply replaced instead of rebuilt. I remember when you could buy the bearings and seals for a water pump, today, unless you live in Kenya you can’t get anything but the whole pump. This has become true all through the different trades and as strange as it is, today we are close to changing the whole door rather than the door handle because it’s cheaper!

Wherever possible we try to reverse this trend, finding the technical solutions that are both durable and, just as importantly financially sound for you.

There is also the issue of waste disposal, fortunately in Switzerland the infrastructure is there for those who wish to use it for sorting and recycling and this makes our task a little easier. At the end of the week all of the trash is sorted and everything that can be recycled is then disposed of correctly. This all has a cost of course, both in time and money, this cost is partially covered with the 3% “divers” on each invoice