The passion for mechanics

We are driven by a real passion for automotive mechanics and fascinated by the million ingenious details that make a car such a complex machine. We try to go beyond the fancy bodywork or the boasted power ratings, more interested in knowing what makes it tick and how to get that just right. Of course just like the dozens of tiny cogs in a beautiful Swiss timepiece it is as a whole that the true beauty of the machine is rendered.

To replace or to repair? That is the question

All too often our consumer society would have us believe that the only solution is to change this or that part and indeed to be cost effective this is often correct. However, to systematically adopt this as a solution, as many garages do, belittles our capacities to recondition or indeed sometimes improve the characteristics of an existing part. Armed with an extensive knowledge of materials and machining techniques we are often able to avoid this otherwise inevitable waste of raw materials and logically reduce the cost or the turnover time of the repair. This does not necessarily make our life any simpler but at the heart of it, it’s what makes us tick!

Team work!

Working together as a close knit team allows us to draw upon and learn from each others professional experiences.

In touch with our clients and the promise of a quality service

We do our best to offer that little bit extra in terms of service, be it the replacement vehicle, available at cost price, or the possibility to have your car dropped off at your place of work or simply a helpful chat over a cup of coffee in our lounge.

It remains very important to us that our clients are confident that they can trust us and that in itself is quite a challenge given the, often deserved, poor reputation that accompanies mechanics and their trade.

With ample transparency and by taking the time to explain our interventions and in some cases inviting the client to come and see what needs to be done on his vehicle we have been able to build and maintain that trust.